Project Organization

Communication is one of the most important success factors in the context of international project management. This is in turn influenced through factors such as culture, organization and staff. That's why we from EWP rely on a mixed cultural project team in Europe which helps in the above mentioned factors.

For the execution of tool projects our customers can rely on a project manager to assists them. He can function as a coordinator between our customers and our plant in China, as well as take care of deadline editing and the release of the series for the project. This enables short communication channels and close customer-supplier relationships during the project.

projektteam projektteam

Project Plan

The project plan in the interest of customers look accordingly:

  1. Inquiry of the customer about the dates for the product or article.
  2. Mutual analysis of tasks between the customer and the project manager of EWP (Specifications, Standards, and Dates, etc.)
  3. The creation of a 3D- drawing based on the article data/ prototype (sample).
  4. Clearance of the 3D-data by the customer.
  5. Construction of a tool concept by our tool maker in China.
  6. Clearance of the tool concept by the customer.
  7. Production of the tool in China.
  8. Sampling, Surveying, and Sample approval by the customer.
  9. (If) Necessary Change loops.
  10. Subsequent sampling and subsequent surveying.
  11. Approval of the tool by the customer.
  12. Production of the parts in China, or delivery of the tool to Europe.


We support and steward our customers consistently from the beginning. We relay in a specified period of time and shape tool progress checks. These documents mirror the exact construction-or- completion status with a detailed breakdown of the development- and production steps. This way we guarantee our customers punctuality and transparency.